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Private kitchen in Spain


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Grab yourself a sangria before you sit down to read about our realization below. It will get you in the mood as the project was situated in Spain. You know: hot, sunny Spain known for not only its sangria but also for its delicious tapas, bullfights and the flamenco. But almost every city in Spain also has some beautiful sights. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Alhambra in Granada for instance.
But that’s not where this project took us. Where did it take us, you ask? Well, it led us straight to a domain with hunting licence. The owners of the domain contacted us for the renewal of their kitchen.

Our clients had two requirements for his new kitchen. Firstly, they wanted to enhance the ease of cooking. So they asked us to integrate our stove in an extra high corpus. “Check”, we said. Secondly, the shape of the stove as well as the shape of the damper had to be oval. They had to be completely equal in size and form. “Double check”, we said.
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