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The project took us to Londerzeel, Belgium. It’s a town between Brussels and Antwerp, known for its green environment and for its folklore. You can enjoy the throw of the bread rolls or the chicken legs, the Pentecost procession and many other things.
In Londerzeel, you’ll also find Hotel Den Berg, focussing on three activities: eating, sleeping and networking. For the renovation of its restaurant and event hall, the owners of Hotel Den Berg relied on Miikitco. The result is a timeless interior that won’t need any renewal for at least ten years.

The renovation of the restaurant was dual. First there was the re-design of the breakfast corner. We created a buffet style, completely in stainless steel combined with wood. Its center piece is a Corian induction stove. Secondly there was the renovation of the kitchen itself. With catering purposes in mind, we also created a stainless-steel kitchen that can handle a lot of cooking and hard work.

As for the event hall, we split the bar in two pieces and finished both counter tops and fronts with corian and integrated led lighting in all colours.
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